50,000Saffiro brand offers an extensive selection of passenger, UHP, light truck, trailer, and TBR tires meant for the driving enthusiast. With modern designs manufactured by cutting-edge technology, Saffiro brand is sure to deliver the best quality ride. Saffiro is a seller and distributor of tires to all 50 States and internationally.Saffiro offers the best quality tires for light truck, SUV, and passenger cars. Providing dependable traction in various conditions allows for excellent year-round performance.

Sizes and Specs

Diameter Tire Size Ply Rating Section Width Aspect Ratio Approved Rim Tread Depth Max Load (lbs) Max PSI UTQG
14 195/75R14 195 75 440 A B
205/75R14 205 75 440 A B
15 205/75R15 205 75 440 A B
215/75R15 215 75 440 A B
225/75R15 225 75 440 A B
235/75R15 235 75 440 A B
205/70R15 205 70 440 A B
215/70R15 215 70 440 A B
225/70R15 225 70 440 A B